Thursday, February 09, 2006


Believe it or not.

I moved.

Nice add right ! Lol.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I amazed myself by not blogging for 5 days. Then again, I dont blog that regularly anymore do I?

It's the last week of school (and thank God it is.) and we've been basically rushing to tie up the reports, the projects, having revision, some rushing through trying to finish the syllabus. Ohh well, at least this is the last semester with the uber packed schedule.

Yes, next semester is going to be my internship programme, and boyy, am I so excited. *weak cheers. Well, really, I do like lectures much more. We'll see how it goes yes?

It's freaky to think that we are already in our last week of school. I could still remember the first weeks for school where everyone's so lost cos everyone has different timetables. And even till now, I still dont really know who's in what class with me.

Like ohh well.


Have to run. Last ComNu tutorial. YAYness. (:

Friday, February 03, 2006

0 Calories.

It's a matter of getting used to it right? As in stuffs like healthy alternatives of food that is just not as nice as the original.

And so, I had a bottle of Coke Light today(mainly because of the pretty packaging), and I felt guilt-free consuming the whole bottle, just mainly because the bottle claim that there is no calories in the drink. It had the slight taste of artificial sweeteners (I'm sorry I'm do food science) and at the back of my head it just tells me that all that sweetness comes from aspartame and acesulfame-k, and its all fake, fake, fake.

It's just take time to get used to it right? It's good for health really. Lols.


So it was a day out with Jas and Asmah, and we had lunch, then went shopping. (: Bumped into people I know e.g. Aunty Jane & Janna. Then I headed to my 阿妈's for dinner.

Yes. I feel much better now. Even being about 40bucks poorer after buying a top, a skirt and lunch.


I hail retail therapy.

Thursday, February 02, 2006



And every tiny glitch would cause it to disconnect on me. Its like some stupid weakling shit that gives up with every little little little trouble in life.



School sucks.


I've been sitting in front of the computer, with MS Word opened (tucked at the little right hand corner of my taskbar tho.) and I've been figuring out that stupid mouseover sound effect Ms Quek wants in our website. So yes, we've got sound.

Oh. Yah. The HDP. and the BMV shit.


I'm in a love/hate rship with Nutrition. REALLY.

Comnu report to rush out by tonight, or maybe tmr morning.


JAS. Please. Shop. Please.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

To the dear GF Caiwen.

I wanted to tag this on your blog, but the tagboard screwed up:

sweetest dearest girlfriend, should i come rescue my sweet damsel in distress this very minute? give me a call and i'll meet you straight away ok? (: love love.

You've got my number. (:

Monday, January 30, 2006


ITS CNY. So YES. I'm gonna throw in some chinese, and I'm really sorry if you dont have multilanguage support (looks at jon) or you dont understand (asmah & irfan). Hehh.

PS: Irfan, its payback time. (: I'm doing it real subtle btw. You can understand. I cant understand yours sometimes. Lol.


The first time on the first day of the CNY, we had to wake up so darn early. Yes, all because its a Sunday.

Church was exceptionally empty this year, perhaps due to tons that are out of town, or going for visitations. Mmm. It was alright lah, and the new speakers were booming. Solid sound, but there are still technicalities to work out. Or so it seems.

Slept at 阿妈's for 30mins before we headed to 奶奶's. The weather was so hot and leather sofas just make it worse. But ohh well. Anyway, had lunch at 阿妈's with maternal side, and dinner at 奶奶's with paternal side. Good enough. (:

After that we headed to 玲姑's, where we watched Batman Begins on DVD. Batman looks like Tom Cruise. Dangg. Ohh well. Mmm. We had the nice 林志源 bagua. And Bacardi Coke ! I didn't ask for it. 玲姑丈 gave it to me. Ohh then we had some wine that they got from the trip to Australia in December. Coffee wine I heard. Its not bad. 惟s got so red, his eyes were bloodshot. TSK. But 恩s didnt drink today, and so she got to bring a bottle home. WTH. Lol. Ohh well.

Anyway, the weirdest part of this year, was the amount of mixups on the 红包s. Seeing one stranded one at 奶奶's, and me missing out on one. Lols. Perhaps everyone was really tired today. Mmm.


It's like another 2 more days of holidays, and PBPN tutorial from 4-6pm on Wednesday. Sighh. Reports.


SWEEcide. Sueecide. Su-wer-cide. Suicide.
Oh sweet Fridayy. We took more than half an hour to walk out to Potong from church. It was totally INTENTIONAL. (:



Saturday, January 28, 2006

CNY eve.

The line kept dropping. Over and over again. 7th time today in fact. I'm nearly pissed.

OK. 9th time. One more time I'll start coaxing the modem to be nice and let me live in a little less stress. (Yes. By speech.)

GREAT. HERE'S LUCKY NUMBER 10. I hate it particularly how it gets connected and disconnected like straight straight away. BLOODY IRRITATING KNOWS.


Mmm. That aside. We had our reunion dinner this year, with our paternal side, followed by a visit to the maternal side. Got the first batch of angbaos, and well. It's looking quite good. Mama insist on keeping the usual 300 bucks and we can have whatever is the rest. *cross fingers on getting 400 in total so that I can get THAT phone. Yeaa, now I wish I have a bigger family. (:


But yes. Still. There's the ComNu report, as well as the CSAS report to be completed by Friday. And also the FPQAP portfolio (which I am utterly clueless about) to be handed up on the 13th, and the OCP interview on the 10th.

Doesn't feel like CNY till today, to wake up to see my house adorned with so much red stuffs, and to see all the snacks out on the table. I was in bed till 1++, and the parents nagged like crazy. Plus the headache coming from the caffeine withdrawal. It has been quite unbearable.

Not in the best of shape (all pun intended), and not in the best of mood either. I'll survive somewhat. It's New Year anyway.

Of course, except for the part that I'm having a cough and is going to lost my voice very very soon, and it's impossible to resist all that food in the new year.



Happy New Year. (: